We introduce Naoki Onogawa and Reiichi Namatame’s magnificent artworks.
If you want to feel the deep beauty of contemporary Japan philosophy based art, contact us. We love to share the beauty with you.

Our office is located inside the Picaresque Art Gallery, different concept from the WUTAMI gallery but introducing Japanese artist artworks as well. WUTAMI’s office is open every Monday to Sunday 10am to 7pm. You can see Naoki Onogawa’s artwork at the same time.

Support from us – If you need any help to create a collection of Naoki Onogawa’s artwork and so on, please email us at contact@wutami.co.jp for further information and assistance.


    WUTAMI showed two of the artists we represent, Naoki Onogawa and Reiichi Namatame and their distinct artworks of origami crane based bonsai sculptures and poignant yet delicate glass artwork at 3331 ART FAIR.

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